At an exhibition, everyone will have their own specific and unique

However, there is more to standing out than just getting people to buy products or sign up to things on the day.The important thing to remember is that exhibition stands alone won’t convert you sales.In an area that is going to be very crowded and noisy, standing out visually is going to make a major difference between whether people come LED Flood Lighting Suppliers to your stand or simply pass you by.

At an exhibition, everyone will have their own specific and unique exhibition stands, but how much impact do they really have, and in turn is it worth spending huge amounts of money to make yours ‘stand out?’

The right stand will indeed piqué interest, but ultimately the products you are selling or promoting have to be of interest to those attending the exhibition or the money spent on banner stands and the rest will have been totally wasted. However, if you are confident in your product, creating the right exhibition stand will be a major help in letting you stand out in what can be an extremely crowded arena.

You also need to ensure you have an excellent system in place to capture potential clients’ details as well as range of business card, flyers and leaflets for people to take away to ensure you are remembered. Being unique means not just having a stand that is interesting but creating a whole atmosphere using the right lighting and extra touches such as video screens or interactive flourishes.

This can be just as effective as speaking to people so using extra flourishes such as 3D and holograms can make all the difference. The right stand will indeed feature informative banner stands and visually enticing touches, but it will also make very good use of the company logo. Using the logo in the right way - one that is very eye-catching - will mean that your company logo and name become embedded in the customer’s consciousness so you will be remembered at a later date .